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Estrogen Detox and stopping early puberty

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More than a story it is a reality....the dark side that has started affecting the children.

How necessary are smart phones and ipads for kids.

How necessary are ipads in primary school.

Why is food adulteration and consuming processed food on increase.Why should fast food be encouraged.

Are we actually talking of saving the environment,we are living in a world of radiations with so much radiations from increased rise of use air cons,smart tv ,phones,tablets and gadgets. 

If we go to a doctor they explain that too much gadget usage for kids leads to decrease in the production of melatonin which results in less sleep,less focus in children and then a huge range of problems stem as the adrenal and pituitary glands are effected.

We do not know the source of food we are eating,increase use of pesticides should be stopped by the government,organic foods can be made available at a cheaper and affordable rate, more education and awareness should be brought through doctors and educators to the society,parents and children about excess estrogen side effects.

Starting a campaign to prevent early puberty amongst children by making it mandatory for doctors and schools to discuss with parents the risks of early puberty and a discouragement to processed foods and sugar rich diets,establishing a knowledge base for all parents ,new or old will help bring parents to actively participate in their child's healthy development.

A balanced diet forum should be established so that puberty that is starting early can be brought back to normal.

Age 9 and 10 is not the right age for the little girl to start periods,it has a lot of soio,psycho and physio impact on them.

They still need to enjoy their childhood.So goes for the boys,puberty changes at 9 are not healthy..

Lets join hands to let the kids enjoy their childhood more and more.


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