Educating society better about health and nutrition

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We are a small juice bar in Wrexham. We feel we are  being personally victimised by the local council trading standards department suggesting we are making health claims. All our ingredients have backed up research and evidence. Wrexham Council Trading Standards say we are making health claims with our juice names such as ‘the hangover’ ‘skinny jeans’ ‘the energizer’ ‘The antioxidant’ We have contacted other juice bars in the UK who use the same juice and smoothie names as us and they have never had any hassle off their local council. This is completely opening a can of worms.... ‘sex on the beach’ cocktail ‘red bull gives you wings’ ‘skinny latte’ all of these are allowed but our cold-pressed juices and smoothies are not allowed. How does this make sense? 


Even local businesses who are health and nutrition based have not received as many visits as us or been advised to remove their products they sell. We have also never been shown anything from them that our products we use are illegal. They are now suggesting we will be prosecuted. There is nothing like this in Wrexham or surrounding areas who use organic fruit and vegetables, the council should be encouraging shops like ours instead of trying to shut us down. 

Our shop has helped so many people in different ways already and we have only been open since May 2018. We want to continue and help educate society about food and how natural ways can improve health and wellness.


Our aim aim for this petition is to get certain government departments to support more businesses like ours, help improve health in society. If you look at th bigger picture if the country ate better there would be a lot less health issues, obesity reduced, less children’s illness, more people in work and less strain on the NHS. 



Leanne and Gareth