Educate boys in school about the dangers women face in society

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The murder of Sarah Everard has left in the country in complete shock this week.

This poor woman took all the necessary "precautions" women take in order to feel safer yet her life was tragically cut short when she was just walking home. This case has shone a light out on the safety of women in our society and has made our female friends speak up about the sexual harassment they've experienced all their lives. It is something that has become so normalised in our society and this can no longer be tolerated. Women are speaking up and men need to do so too because they. Certain male behaviour can put women on edge without intent so what I'm suggesting is that we introduce sessions into schools about educate boys from an early age on how to treat women and recognise these behaviours enabling women to feel safer in their day to day lives. If we educate and spread the word from an early age, this will have such a positive ripple effect because men understandably are ignorant to this issue sometimes as it doesn't affect them. Therefore, let's have the conversation, what I'm asking you today to sign my petition and share it so we can spread this word around. This can no longer be tolerated, we need to learn from what happened to Sarah Everard. We need change and in order to achieve change, we educate and this starts at school.