Do not extend the British school day

Do not extend the British school day

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Started by Alice Tremas

Following the recent announcement that an extended school day is to be trailed in some schools in Wales from April 2022, parents and teaching staff are greatly concerned that this could be expanded. 

Children have a right to their after school activities, which through organisations such as Scouts and Girl Guiding, drama and sport classes and so many more, would become too much for children to manage after an extra hour of school, especially as these enriching activities would then have to start later. 

Children also deserve the right to quality family time to ensure a balance between state provided education and family life. The benefits do not outweight the loss of enriching personal activities and family life. 

We ask the government to halt any plans to implement a compulsory extention of the school day and call on teaching staff and parents to sign this petition and make their voices heard. 

Our children have a right to quality time both with family and extended family and also to have every opportunity to continue their activities and sense of local community outside of the school enviornment.


19 have signed. Let’s get to 25!