Discrimination and equality laws to protect facial disfigurement

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I was born with head neck and facial disfigurement. Over the years I have been treat with discrimination and bullying due to my condition. I have encountered stares nasy comments and even physical attack. Sniggering name calling rejections isolation Treat like I have no intelligence. This has happened without any protection from society. 

My lastest struggle is my driving licence being revokex in 2013 due to failing the peripheral vision test. Due to my disfigurement and the fact I only have one eye DVLA policies has made me unfit to drive. I passed my driving test in 1983. I had drove safely and had no non fault accidents within my driving years. The condition i have is congnital and non degenerative; therefore Its always been there and will not deteriate. The machine that tested my peripheral vision is not suitable for me due to my disfigurement DVLA will not treat my condition as a unique case and continue to say until I pass a peripheral vision tedt they will not consider reinstating my licence. There exeptional circumstances policy is not eligible for me as a person with monocular vision is exempt. I had a tumour where my right eye should have been therefore I have never had binocular vision. I havent had to adapt to vision loss. This is my norm. DVLA has not tested my driving skills or taken into consideration my conditions and my driving history. I feel this is discriminating to my condition.I am a staff nurse I was on the community for twelve years. I have been re deployed due to my licence being revoked. My independence has been affected.