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Decriminalisation of cannabis

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 The war on drugs been going on now for over 30 years and is still no better off than when it started in the 70s . If anything it's worse. In this day and age with many European countries and the likes of Canada and the United States are all  taking a different stance towards cannabis for recreational use and medicinal use I believe it's time that we join that movement! America is making millions of dollars in taxation! California alone is  making 59m That's not without the jobs it's creating such as farming and distribution.  How many more times has cannabis got to treat/help disease in the UK?its still being labeld a dangerous drug even tho cannabis has never directly killed a single person!   It's almost like the big pharmaceutical companies are scared what they are going to lose. My question to MPs of Great Britain how can something like alcohol or cigarettes that have warnings printed all over them telling us they kill you be legal ?! we know that cigarettes kill you And has no medicinal benefits whatsoever to anyone. Also  costing the NHS millions each year to treat .yet  tobacco and alcohol are still considered legal.  I beg MPs please look at cannabis in a different light. Please see the benefits this plant is having. Hemp can make all sorts of things from oil to textiles  as Well as  bringing in a much needed taxation that could save the NHS. I'm not saying cannabis is completely unharmful everything in moderation. yes you can abuse cannabis but you can also abuse junk food? should we ban junk food?  let us  take this medicine  out of the hands of the criminal gangs and use it to our advantage.there needs to be another approach as the war on cannabis is unnecessary non cost effective and not making a slight bit of difference. At a time when we need money this could just be what we need. 

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