Death certificates for babies born sleeping under 24 weeks and maternity leave

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On the 17th December 2018 I gave birth to my beautiful little boy Baillie at 20 weeks.  The hospital staff were extremely supportive but to my horror, women who give birth to their babies before 24 weeks are not entitled to register the death of their child not only this but women are not entitled to maternity leave although they have still undergone the trauma and stress of giving birth.  I had to give birth to my son with no pain killers and also then had to have general anaesthetic to remove the placenta. I held my baby from the moment he came out to the moment I came back from theatre.  I was very honoured to hear that Baillie is allowed a funeral but absolutely disgusted that my baby, my little human being cannot be registered as a death because he was born at 20 weeks not 24.  I have had to take time off work to grieve, I can’t even bring myself to return right now but cannot afford to not return sooner. I believe women who give birth to babies sleeping at over 24 weeks but not under. We still have to endure a painful process of labour, mentally and physically we need time to heal and recover just like mummy’s who give birth over 24 weeks. Please help sign this petition to give mums and their babies the recognition they deserve. My baby was a human not a product.