Create law about music.

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Hi all. My name is lee smith and i live in Blackpool, lancashire and i live with 4 young children, 3 at junior school age and my wife and also have health issue myself. Reason I am doing this petition is because of my next door neighbour plays very loud music plus plays an electric guitar with an amp all hours of the day and night sometime it lasts from mid day to around 4am full well knowing I have 4 kids. Since I moved into my property i have spoke to him about the music. I have contacted my local council and have put in 4 complaints to enviromental services. I have also phoned the police, both emergency and non emergency numbers and both telling me there is nothing they can do about it apart from asking him to turn it down ad there is no law about it. My kids are tired and due to that are failing at school. I cant afford to move so please help me in making a law for it. I am not asking for money (so please don't leave any), I am just asking for support. 


Many thanks.