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Corruption: Traffic and Road Construction

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Traffic is evident nowadays. No matter how early you got up from your bed, the probability of you not arriving late is only 10%. One of the things that contributes to heavy traffic is the building and fixing of roads. The high way becomes a one way lane.
Pollution is also evident. In building of roads, bridges and highways, the debris from the construction sight and the smoke coming from the cars gives out a harmful substance which isn't good for our health and environment. Instead of promoting development, we are promoting bad health.
Projects, Plans and Promises of the government officials (Presidents, Senators, Mayors, etc.) aren't really followed. Most of them told us that this kind of construction will only last a year but why until now after 4 years, this road problem is still being fixed.
Why in "Japan" for example, why in just a week or days, they already fixed what is needed to be fixed? They didn't waste time and a lot of money for that. A good example for that is an "Earthquake". Earthquake is often in Japan. According to the rates, about 1,500 earthquakes strikes Japan every year but why are they able to find a solution for it better than we do?
Is it because of the reason that they are richer than us? Is it because they have tools and equipment better than we do? No. We Filipinos are known for our perseverance and hard work. If we plan to do it, We can definitely do it.
The problem here is "Corruption" itself. If there isn't any corruption and the government shows transparency in the citizens, we can be like any developed countries nowadays.
We can have a better community who doesn't waste time, has a eco-friendly environment and a healthy living.

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