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Construction and Maintenance of Public Sanitary Restrooms in the Streets

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"Good health and healthy environment is the key to one's productivity."- How can the society attain every individual's maximum potential and productivity if he environment where he lives in hinders his health to make use of his physical asset- his body.

According to statistics from the Philippines Statistics Authority (PSA), 27.9% of the Philippine Population is experiencing poverty. They are insufficient in food, shelter, education and most importantly descent living that causes poor health status. Their poor living environment may cause health complication and they may get different diseases, it is most evident in the sanitary condition of the community. According to the Department of Health (DOH), most of the cases from the local and barangay health center are acquired diseases from unpleasant environment and sanitary restrooms where patients live in. Descent public restrooms should be provided in the streets for the community to use. Clean and well maintained restrooms should be accessible to all.

Moreover, the nasty streets are somehow caused by inappropriate urination in the streets of some individuals that causes unwanted smell and dirty streets that widely affects the whole community. Therefore, if sanitary restrooms are provided everywhere in the community, the practice of proper urination will be adapted by the people. Through this, everybody will be provided with descent and clean environment all over the country most importantly in the urban area.

This project may seem simple but it could be a starting factor in achieving a greater and cleaner place for the Filipinos. With the help and support of the government and everyone in the community, this act will be possible for the betterment of the nation. Support us, sign your petition now!

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