Closure of schools for Form 5 students in MCO & CMCO states. (Form 5 2020 & Form 5 2021)

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States under MCO : Selangor, Penang, Melaka, Johor, Sabah and the federal territories of Kuala Lumpur, Labuan, and Putrajaya

States under CMCO: Pahang, Perak, Negeri Sembilan, Kedah, Terengganu and Kelantan

Reopening schools in the state of the COVID 19 cases right now, is extremely dangerous, and we believe that everyone agrees with us. The MCO should involve all of us and prioritise the safety of all students. At this point, we are doing this not for the sake of just our safety, but in fear of our future. Sure we wear masks and sanitise, but we’ve been doing it all this while, yet the cases have not seemed to drop, have they?  Here are some of the reasons it’s unreasonable to reopen schools: 

• Sending a bunch of social activity deprived teenagers back into the peak of social activity, is like walking into the lion’s den. SOPs won’t be abided, rules will be thrown out and we’re going to have a repetition of last year’s scenario all over again. 
• The inconvenience in transport. Some students travel with public transportation, or transport services that cater for a large amount of students. As an example, 10 Form 5 students travel to and fro from school in a van, alongside their peers. This is due to them not being able to find any other form of transportation, with busy parents and family members. When it’s permitted that only 2 are allowed in a vehicle, how is it possible to cater for all 10 of these students? It’s hard, and not to mention extremely risky. 
    - even if these transportation means are allowed, it imposes a bigger risk! How is it possible to social distance in a cramped van with a large amount of students? 
• Students come from all over the state, which means that heightens the risk of the virus spreading. Why? 
   1. Some students come from districts that are   officially red zones, some even have confirmed COVID cases in their living community. As far as sanitisation goes, how sure are we that the entire lot of residents are safe, and unaffected? We only know of symptoms after 14 days, until then, is our safety to be hung by a thread? 
   2. It is a known fact that the virus harms people with respiratory issues, the fastest. We have students with asthma, and sinus problems, sending them back to school, is dangerous and unreasonable, putting their health at risk. 
   3. Now let’s talk about the parents of these students. Parents that are forced to work, have potential exposure to the virus, and as far as they sanitise, wear a mask and wash their hands, it might be too late for the virus might have already, found a home in this person’s system. These parents return home, unaware of their predicament and risk exposure to family members whom may I mention may be extremely old or young, and imposes a higher much fatal risk to COVID 19 exposure. Sure they head straight for the shower, how about their clothes, their handbags and such? The virus is known to last for 2 days on clothes and fabric, while 7 days for plastic and metal, and a whooping 28 days on your PHONE SCREEN ! This does not only put students at risk, but their family members too !
• Teachers come from all over the state, some even from different states. Why is this dangerous ? 
   1. Recently, teachers were given official permission letters to return to their respective schools to start working again, however some teachers were stuck in red zone areas, areas with high infection rate and they are now allowed to cross borders to come back to teach. 
  2. This goes without saying, that it is extremely dangerous. Teachers definitely only have the best for their students at heart, however these poor Teachers are also unaware of their current state, whether they’re safe or infected. Some teachers are quite elderly, some have serious respiratory diseases, which means they have lesser the strength to fight the virus. This isn’t only putting the Teachers at risk, but also the students and both parties’ family members. 
• Last year, when cases hit double digits, the MCO was imposed, preventing complete movement, which helped curb the number of COVID cases where we eventually dropped to 0-5 cases a day. This was only possible because the people of the country were at home, safe and sound, not loitering on the outside. However this year, with cases only increasing and the cases hitting a 4 digit number, we are forced to go to school to risk not only our safety, but also our teachers’ and family members’ safety? Where is the rationality in this? 
• Strict SOPs have been imposed since last year, yet most people haven’t abided, most people still don’t sanitise, most people still don’t wear masks, people don’t listen, and they never will. Their incompetence will be the death of us. 
• Although it isn’t compulsory to go to school, we are aware that nevertheless we are forced to anyhow, in fear of missing out. However if we reverted back to online classes, there would be no missing out and everyone would be safe. 
   - taking into consideration our friends who are unequipped for online classes, we apologise, and we are always here to help. 
• Our lives shouldn’t be put to risk, we want to live. 


At the end of the day, it’s all about our future. Once the cases spike higher and the situation gets worse, (which we all are aware will), schools will be shut again, exams postponed, our future hanging by a thread again. Might as well take the preventive measures now, let us study at home, safe at the confines of our houses, and curb the cases, so we’ll be able to sit for our examinations in peace and move forward with our lives without postponing the future. It’s not just our safety now, it’s our future, which also means the country’s future.