Climate Justice Initiative

Climate Justice Initiative

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Human activities are the main factor of what adverse impacts we experience. The greenhouse gasses, deforestation and abusing natural resources must be put to stop or should be limited, for it will not only us who will be in danger, but also for those generations in the future will experience worse and greatly suffer than us. Biodiversity is in these lines too, for their habitats are being disrupted as well. We are capable of reducing this risk and limiting the increasing risks in our environment. Let us be the one who will put a solution to it and be responsible and accountable in our actions for our generation and other species have no need to suffer.As we all know, the emissions of these gases resulted from a variety of essential human activities, such as industrialisation and our daily activities. How can we put a stop to these emissions if they are caused by such things? Planting trees is one of the most effective ways to reduce harmful emissions. Start planting if you have the resources to plant a tree.Carbon dioxide is absorbed by trees, and oxygen is released.During its lifetime, a single tree will absorb about one ton of carbon dioxide. Because trees can help us reduce harmful gases, people who cut trees should begin replacing it with a new seed. A simple act of kindness can save our planet

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10 have signed. Let’s get to 25!