Changing rooms for people who take holy dip in river Godawari

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I have recently visited Godavari ghat in Nashik to take a holy dip. I was not at all surprised to see thousands of devotees taking a holy dip. But what caught my attention was that there was no changing facility there for the devotees. The women over there were changing clothes in open. And some of the men over there were shamelessly peeping inside. It was disgusting. 

I decided not to take a holy dip. Instead I just got into the shallow part of the river to wash my legs. I didn’t notice that there were no steps on the other side of the river and I slipped into the water. I had no other option but to change like any other women over there does. I literally felt disgusted when I was changing. After changing I expressed my disgust to one of the lady who lived in Nashik. And that’s when she told me that it is very much normal over here. Infact, the last time she visited the holy ghat she found number of men taking pictures and videos of the female devotees changing clothes. 

Lol, this made me think. Where are we actually heading. I mean people take a dip in the holy river to wash out all their sins and the very next moment after coming out of the river,you do this. Like wow. And then such people call themselves, “Devotees”.

To be honest, if I wouldn’t have slipped into the water I would not even realize how the women over there feel while changing when ‘n’ number of men are watching them shamelessly. And I wouldn’t even bother to get deeper into the matter.

After coming back from Nashik, I read about why there are no changing rooms available near holy rivers. And this is what I have figured out: There are lakhs of devising cisiting these places on a regular basis and therefore, its very difficult to make changing rooms where all the devotees can accommodate themselves. The reason os fair enough. But, not having changing rooms is the only solution? 

I don’t think so. Government can atleast arrange a big room kind of a thing. Where women can atleast go and feel safe and comfortable to change. I’m not asking to have multiple personalized rooms for changing. Just a one huge common room for changing anywhere near the river. I’m sure this is not much, I’m asking for.

we can’t change people and their mentalities. But atleast, we can make our women feel safe. Thank you :)

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