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Change to the Justice Sytem for victims of domestic abuse

A change in our Justice System is important because we need to start putting victim's wants and needs before perpetrators.  We also need to stop children, the forgotten ones, from being used as weapons during court cases.

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Please join me in my 3 point turn around for ALL victims of domestic abuse; support, aftercare and justice. Domestic abuse knows no boundaries, it can and does happen to everyone and everyone it happens to deserves Justice.
Too many times I have heard how victims have been let down by the Justice System, where perpetrators have been put before them. This has got to stop. Now.
For me, seeing Michael Philpott use his own children as tools and weapons during a battle through a custody case now is the right time to change things.
This is real life. It is not about just one person using their own children; it is about all perpetrators with children that do it.
Domestic abuse is a vicious cycle – physical, mental, sexual and physical – where a perpetrator has power and control over their victim. To the outside world they are the perfect partner but behind closed doors it is a very different story.
My 3 point turn around for ALL victims of domestic abuse would be:
This can be just about knowing someone is their someone to understand and listen with a non judgmental ear. All victims want is to be listened too, heard and believed.
A phone call, a visit, a text, an email, just knowing someone is there.
Should be the same for all perpetrators; A custodial sentence to fit the crime, with no early release or parole, no compensation, no community, no tag.
Awareness is key. Awareness is power. Awareness can save a life. Domestic abuse awareness needs to be learned by absolutely everyone – domestic abuse knows no boundaries – so it is imperative that we are all aware of the vicious cycle.
Victims of domestic abuse have been manipulated, controlled and isolated by a jealous and controlling partner. They have been crushed and drained of every ounce of self esteem and confidence, they
As soon as a victim calls the Police, they are crying out for help, they need your support.
Don’t be fooled into thinking, that the domestic abuse will just end when the victim has left it won’t, after care is a must because domestic abuse has long term lasting effects.
Paramount to these two things, all victims need want and deserve Justice.
Community service, compensation is not punishment – a custodial sentence would be the way forward
Justice I want to see:-
• Custodial sentence, with no parole for good behavior
• Harder for perpetrators to get a solicitor and start family court proceedings
Just because a perpetrator receives a custodial sentence does not mean the abuse will stop. It just gives the perpetrator the opportunity to
1) continue the abuse with telephone calls and letters and 2
2) ) Gives the perpetrator the chance to “be good” just for parole – this will not stop the abuse on any accounts
Harder for perpetrators to get a solicitor and start family court proceedings because this is another way of abusing their victim, using their children as weapons and tool to continually manipulate the victim, but using their child. Children are often the silent victims where domestic abuse is concerned and more often than not, they have divided loyalty too. If a perpetrator wants to see their child or children they should have to complete and successfully pass a perpetrators course, do all the relevant psychological, alcohol and substances tests before the case gets referred from the solicitor to the court.
You will find that if the perpetrator is genuine they will do all that is required of them, if not; it was just to carry out the abuse.
It was save the victim being a victim all over again, it will save so much heart ache and money!
Domestic abuse goes much deeper than “just physical” it is all about power and control, physically, mentally, sexually and financially – perpetrators are very clever and know it is harder for their victims to prove they are being abused without any physical marks. All necessary background checks should be done when professionals and agencies receive a domestic abuse call. It is very rare that a perpetrator changes its spots – Philpott has proved that.

Domestic abuse is a vicious and complex cycle with long term effects. It goes deeper than physical; mental, sexual and financial. Awareness is absolutely paramount! Awareness is key. Awareness is power. Awareness can save a life. Once awareness is raised and we get the confidence of victims to speak out, many are then let down by our "Justice System" they don't get justice at all, they don't get any closure and they remain victims whilst their perpetrator will continue to abuse. We need change and we need it now! All victims deserve Justice to allow them to have closure and become survivors and to show perpetrators that our country will not tolerate domestic abuse.

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