Change the law for cats involved in road traffic incidents

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The purpose of this petition is to change the laws for cats involved in road traffic incidents. As the law currently stands, it is not illegal to hit a cat and drive away. This means a lot of cats are left in the middle of the road severely injured or deceased. Not only does driving off reduce the chances of the cats survival by leaving them without emergency care, it also means deceased cats can be collected by the council and disposed of as waste.

Pets are part of the family and as you can imagine it’s incredibly painful for families to be out looking for their furbabies and to: find them in a horrible state or to never know where they have gone. 


The current laws leave it in the hands of other passers by to collect cats from the roadside and take them to a vets. We are lucky we have these kind people or else a lot of families would be without closure and/or filled with false hope that their cats will return home. 

I would love for the laws to be changed. Why are humans and dogs any different? Pets are pets and they’re part of the family. It’s time the law agreed.