LOCKDOWN LIQUOR-Stop Liquor Shops as long as COVID-19 threat Is There..!!!

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Friends.. It's pandemic time..it's COVID-19 time. Everyone scared , human race is at risk.
Today, in India all liquor stores opened and people are queueing up lines to get liquor forgetting that they are under lockdown for 40 days.
The cases will jump high if people flocking liquor shops and and behave irresponsibly after consumption of liquor. This is a huge threat for every person in this country who is is willing to to abide all rules of being a responsible citizen.

Kindly strengthen my position with your signature and express your solidarity. Let there be no liquor till covid-19 threat is over.

It's for our families our children and power women and men. Please help me to collect maximum signatures and share amongst your circles. With one slogan LOCKDOWN LIQUOR IT'S NOT AN ESSENTIAL COMMODITY IT'S ACTUALLY A THREAT TO HUMANITY AND HUMAN RACE CREATING IMMENSE LEGAL , PSYCHOSOCIAL , ECONOMICAL, SOCIAL NAND EMOTIONAL PROBLEMS.
~~Sai Padma