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Cease Hazing : Fraternity and Sorority

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Humiliating,harrowing, and heinous; these words describes hazing , a dehumanizing practice. Hazing forces a person to endure some sort of physical or mental abuse, harassment or humiliation as a condition of gaining membership or acceptance into group. hazing affects thousands of people every year, its extremely dangerous it can neither be a life or death situation.

"They were being nice to us when they want us to join, but now it's like they've turned on us. I want them to stop, but still they continue to do it. They keep telling me it's almost over."

These are just some of the words or quotes along with the information about hazing, the humiliation and dangerous initiation rituals, it's all happening.  But are we going to let this continue? Would you let someone get involved again with this dangerous practices? For everyone to know, sororities and fraternities are social  fellowships of student organizations whose primary purpose is to develop their members personally and to promote intimate relationships of brotherhood and sisterhood. Although typically they have rituals and creeds which promote ideals of friendship, loyalty, integrity, leadership and personal responsibilities but why is that they have to encounter rigorous physical trainings and sooner or later if their body can't take it, they might die. Remember, the reason why people join this kind of groups is for them to get learning and life experiences and this would probably help them on their way of living.

So if you support our petition about preventing Hazing towards Fraternities and Sororities you will not just help yourself if you get involved with this but you can also help to others, and for us to have a greater and better socialization.






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