CBD legalisation change to decriminalise and/or become legal for personal use.

CBD legalisation change to decriminalise and/or become legal for personal use.

1 July 2021
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Why this petition matters

Started by Louise Louise


I think it’s fair and very obvious to say why we need CBD within communities.

The nation was practically split with the referendum decision - education is key, and for years the educational system has fear-mongered us and pushed the negativity of cannabis use instead of educating us on the BENEFITS that this WEED can do including bringing society together in mind, body and spirit.  
How can alcohol be readily available to ALL ages so easily, so “normalised” as a part of society  - More than 800 New Zealanders die a year from drinking, that is more than 2 a day - show me the figures of death by cannabis consumption?!

Think of the Elderly, think of Katy Thomas’s son Eddie - think of people suffering multiple medical issues.

How much longer will the Government dictate our freedom of choice in regards to how we treat our ailments? Is it not from the drinking, the overworking and the fast foods APPROVED by governments that we overindulge and SUFFER yet we are told that this pure thing, this PLANT from the ground must not be consumed.
This is not about me, or you, or them, this is about US. We are the consumer, and do we not wish to consume or at least have the CHOICE to consume what can clearly aid us, paired with correct education and TRUTHFUL knowledge.

It is down to US. Please please look at the people who need this. PERSPECTIVE. EDUCATION. HONESTY. FREEDOM OF CHOCIE.

I want to freely choose to do my body justice, and give it natural medicinal nourishment- I want to freely express my love for this PLANT, this gift from earth without fear of being arrested, I want to freely share, to educate, to love, to grow, TO BE PAIN FREE, I want this for US. 
Thank you for your time, your effort, we need to come together to change, it starts with US. 

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Signatures: 1,450Next goal: 1,500
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