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Breeders MUST apply for and aquire a licence to breed a litter of dogs.

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Too many people are breeding dogs with no concern for the health of the puppies they are bringing into the world. Some are doing it for money, some because they are naive and some because they don't see the importance of correct health testing. What ever the reason these people are producing living creatures that could be born to suffer. Wether you are breeding KC registered dogs, pedigree(non KC) or cross breeds we want it to be a requirement that every breeder applies for a licence to breed a litter and to reapply for every individual litter. These liciences will require the owner to have ALL relevant health checks for the breed they are breeding, as well as a overal vet check for skin issues/weight/temperament and so on. They will also require a person to be in a finacial position were they WILL NOT rely on the PSDA or other charities for veterinary treatment/support. As well as being finically stable to take back ANY dogs they produce at any stage in the dogs life to help releive the pressure on rescue centres. There will also be a seperate licience (only requiring one application) for stud dog owners to be allowed to stud their dog. This also including health tests etc. These licences would also be linked to microchipping and KC registering. When a breeder would register a puppies KC or microchip they will be required to provide the licience number. This way helping to uncover the back yard breeders and illegal puppy farmed dogs. For anyone who does not apply for this licience and who's dog is 'accidentally' mated they will be fined an amount and following the the litter their dog required to be spayed. This hopefully encouraging people to spay/nuturer their dogs before this 'accident' occurs. Please support our cause. Help ONLY healthy puppies being produced. Help reduce the strain on the PDSA and other charities. Help reduce the number of dogs in rescue centers by responsible breeders taking back their produced dogs. We would also like to add this licence being in connection to KC and microchipping registration that it would be illegal to sell puppies under the age of 8 weeks. B4C Bark For Change !

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