Boiler services as part of house insurance and sale of properties

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As an gas engineer this is something I feel strongly about. 

Everytime a house is sold, sellers are reluctant to have their boilers serviced and put it down to the buyers for them to do. Not only is this a lack of respect on the buyers half but could also pull out of the deal once the boiler has been serviced. You wouldnt buy a car without and mot so why should buying a house be any different? You wouldn’t put your child’s life at risk in a car so why would you potentially put theirs at risk in your own home. 

Which brings me on to my next point, boiler services should be made mandatory for your house insurance, most new boilers come with a good lengthy guarantee so to keep this boilers up with their guarantee they must have a regular service (yearly). Old boilers don’t and these are potentially dangerous, social housing and private rentals have to have a yearly service so why not bring it into the owned housing market. This isn’t a money spinning idea this is for safety as far as I’m concerned and could potentiality save a life.  Have a Fix rate for an annual service or do your own research to find the best engineer around and cheapest if you wish! 

This needs to happen to help prevent any accidents that can happen.