Introduction of geriatric care leave or parent care leave provision for employees

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Disruption of joint family system and culture of both parents working has made geriatric or elderly population(in a family) more vulnerable for isolation.Increased life expectancy/ improved longivity further aggravates their feeling of isolation .One child norm with son/ daughter doing job at distsnce place make them feel they find no help or minimum help at the time of their illhealth.

Currently  India has the provision of maternity leave (6 months) , paternity leave(15 days) and Child Care Leave(maximum 2 yrs).But there is no provision of parent or geriatric care leave.

So,there is a need to take initiative in this regards.At least 6 to 8 months of leave should be allowed for this purpose,parent means both parents and in laws.This leave provision should be there for both male and female employees.The duration can be decided based on health condition of elderly ( even if no ill health at least 10 days of leave should be allowed when the parents are above 60 that quality time can be spent).In case of ill health it may be extended to 2 months .

Foreign countries/developed countries have old age home for elderly which is socially acceptable in such areas,but in India the concept of old age home comes with a stigma.In India  very few old age home have good standard care facility .In such scenario it is high time to think about introduction of parent care leave.