Basic amenities to the people should be given... Like roads, street lights, water etc.

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In Himachal Pradesh, there is a small village named Hiru situated at world's famous place Meclodganj, Dharmshala. People of this village have no basic facilities like roads, street lights etc land sliding is going on. As they are paying house taxes to Nagar Nigam but govt is unable to provide basic facility to the village. This village comes under smart city without basic amenities to the people. Almost 300 people living in this village who are facing lots of problems. 

Our petition can help them. Your support makes a huge difference. 

 इंसानियत के नाते हर किसी की मदद करना हमारा धर्म है, जो सही मायने में हमें इंसान बनाता है।