Ban Trophy Hunting

Ban Trophy Hunting

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Started by C H Field

Trophy hunting is often seen as the occasional act of vain Americans. Yet British hunters are shooting endangered animals in growing numbers.

While the government delays its proposed ban, British companies are fuelling this gruesome trade.

The recent runner-up for the Weatherby award, the “Oscar” of the trophy hunting world, was a property developer from Gloucester. He has won about 40 industry awards, which include a prize for shooting 125 animals so big they made it into the record books.

Clients on hunts led by Britons have been breaking records for bagging the largest safari animals but politicians fear the emphasis on size is removing the strongest and fittest from the breeding stock.

The Campaign to Ban Trophy Hunting advise that since Boris Johnson made the pledge in 2019, about 300 souvenirs from endangered species, including African elephant, giraffe, hippopotamus, leopard and mountain zebra, have been imported to the UK.

This atrocious 'hobby' must be immediately outlawed.  Please sign if you agree.



766 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!