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Ban the burka in England.

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So many people complain about women who walk around in public wearing a Burka, however nobody attempts to do anything against it and it should be banned for security and saftey reasons, the same as anything else that covers peoples faces in public are banned. 

If somebody else has there face covered in a shop,bank etc, they get told to take there hood down or uncover there face but women can wear burkas in shops, they could do things and nobody would be able to identify them due to the burka covering the face. Also, it could be a male under it using it as a disguise and could do anything and not be caught! How do you know who is under the burka only able to see there eyes? 

there is no excuse for it to be used for "religious reasons" as no where in the Quran does it say women must cover there face! It might make them feel comfertable but it makes people around them feel uncomfortable and unsafe not knowing who is under it.

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