JUSTICE TO ASIFA- There is urgent need to change 'Rape Laws' in India

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Today, all you facebook and whatsapp news feed will be full Asifa. An 8 years innocent girl of kathua kashmir who was gangraped by police official for 8 days in temple and then brutally murdered and thrown in the street. 

At present whole country s condemning it on social networking site. This matter has been politicized by polirical parties. But what after 2-3 weeks? our news feeds will be full of another news like IPL or latest bollywood movie. The news which covered front page of every newspaper of India today wll be soon forgotten by the people. The rapists will get maximum of lifetime prisonment but with time and bribe their punishment will decrease and after few years, the devils , the culprits , the rapists are back to normal. But what about little girl's soul that long for justice?  That want to know why she was given so much pain when she did nothing .

Just keep touself in her place , a little girl crying and agonising , she did'nt know what was happening. Everyone have time to revolt for 'Padmavat'  which no one knows if queen 'padmavati' actually exist. For reservation system which safegaurd many talentless people a higher post.  It 's not fight between Hindus and Muslims. It's fight for a little girl and it's time to be Indian . And more than that to be an a Human. Do you know,  in India, a person who is found guilty of 'sexual assault' , he is given punishment of minimum 20 years which is extended to lifetime only in severe cases. 

Is living in prison for life, getting food and sleep ideal punishmemt for pain and scars they gave which can never be removed?  Should'nt we give such a punishment , so that any other men don't even dare to even look up to a women in a wrong way. For how long we're going to blame short clothes of women. Today even an infant girl is'nt safe! 

It's not only fight for Asifa, it's fight for all women who once in life must have expirience such  insecurity. Just think "Is your 5 years daughter playing outside is safe?" 

Today it is "No" but with our action we can change this to "Yes" . 

P.S.- Sorry, for any grammatical errors as I am a new in writing and my english is'nt that good. Many thanks for signing up . 

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