Closure of all Hairdressing Salons in Australia immediately

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As of today, the Australian Government released a statement in regards to essential / non essential services that will or will not remain open.

As it currently stands, Hair and Beauty Salons will remain open.

I am a Hair Salon owner myself and I am shocked by this announcement.

How can we maintain the recommended safety guidelines of keeping a safe distance to our clients while we are actively touching them and are often directly breathing at them - and them at us? Anyone out there that would like their hair cut with a scissor extension? Gloves don't work, at least not in hairdressing - one snip and you need new ones...

Not only that, it has been released that COVID-19 attaches itself to clothing, metal and...HAIR.

I don't think it is a safe industry to work in or enter it as a client.

If we close down salons on our own timing, it will only force customers to look for other salons that are still open and are careless. It will transfer the virus elsewhere, while the salons that closed for everyone's safety will potentially lose business and customers.

We need the government to stop being ignorant towards these professions and shut down all salons immediately to keep customers, staff and owners safe.

Last but not least...if we are all in isolation, no one will see us. We don't go out. Is hair really that important then?

Stay safe everyone