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We Malaysians are urging the Minister of Health and Minister of Defence who are both responsible for the safety and welfare of the people to resign immediately.

Over the last couple of weeks, the Covid-19 cases have rised drastically due to many VIPs campaigning during the Sabah election. However, this fact was denied by the Minister of Defence. Instead, he has put blamed on others.

As Malaysians living in this country who has obeyed the rules and continously following the Government's SOPs and regulations, we observed double standards policies for many top officials including Ministers, Deputy Ministers and politicians who did not follow the SOPs imposed by KKM.

There has been numerous occasions where huge events were also organised and held in various places including in Sabah where many people had gathered in these places for their political campaigns. The recent Sabah election was a testament and proof to show how many of these politicians and VIPs have ignored and negelected the Covid-19 SOPs. 

Today, we want to tell the Government that Malaysians are very tired as we have been following the rules endlessly however the VIPs and Ministers are implementing their own double standards policies for their own convenience and purpose.

The DG of Health and frontliners have been doing tremendous work since the outbreak of Covid-19 to help and saves livea but there are abundance of selfish politicians and Ministers who are least bothered of the frontliners and the people's sacrifices.

Today, the DG of Health have reported the highest number of cases is spread in Peninsular Malaysia however the Minister of Defence had instead blamed others and PATI for the caused and spike of these cases.

Question which we must all ask the Minister to respond is whether did those PATI went for political campaigns and voting in the recent Sabah election? Did they all arrived in Peninsular Malaysia the last one week which is why the numbers of cases have rised? 

The Minister of Defence Ismail Sabri is in denial and that he is equally responsible for his lack of knowledge and control on the VIPs and Ministers who had arrived from Sabah by flights. Many of them were not placed under strict quarantine for 14 days as they were given leeway to stay at home for only 3 days.  

He has also made numerous "mind boggling and U Turn statements" to defend VIPs including one Minister who returned from Turkey. He has been shifting the blame to PATI and others. 

Therefore, we believed all efforts made by the people to flattened the curve is deemed as waste of time and money and above all, useless. The Government must now take full responsibility for the huge losses incured by the innocent people especially those who have lost their jobs during this entire crisis. 

Therefore we are urging the Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin to sack both his Ministers who have failed misreably in their position and powers to protect the Malaysian people including our children who are all dependant on their decisions.

We also urged the Prime Minister to appoint the DG of Health Dr Noorhisham as the new Minister replacing the existing Minister immediately. 

Lastly, we want the PM and his Cabinet Ministers to know that the Malaysian people are all very tired of the double standards ruling imposed by the Government and that we urged the Government to treat everyone equally and fairly. Stop mistreating the poor and innocent people by imposing unnecessary fines. 

There should not be double standards and special protection for VIPs and Ministers who broke the Covid-19 SOPs at the expense of the people.

Malaysians wants better and equal protection from the Government during the entire Covid-19 crisis and we demand it now. Be fair and be responsible.






0 have signed. Let’s get to 100!
At 100 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!