Animal rights and freedom

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Animals are being abused everywhere. While we humans have other humans speaking up for us, animals don’t. I have seen some people consider them ‘illiterate’ or ‘annoying’ even when they open their mouths to yawn. Animals can’t fight for their own rights; even if they do, they are killed or either pushed away by someone who is heartless and least interested in the equality of rights distributed amongst the world. Equality includes every individual- irrespective of what species they are from(human animals or plants etc). Can you imagine how a little, innocent creature bearing the world alone, when it loses its mother because of deforestation, feels like? What it might be going through? Unlike us, those little creatures have no therapists to turn too, have no home to go to. As a independent individual it hurts me to see such cruelty not banned in a society and no law placed against such heartless matters. Is it not right for a animal to achieve happiness and not be in danger? We must love what our world beholds. What has been here for even before you were born. And this we must do as a society. In the end, this decision is made by us - whether we want animals to feel loved and cared for, or not. I perosnally believe the government can play a huge rule in convincing people to respect not only animals, but each other, and place laws in areas where needed. I want animals to be free. To be happy and loved, like every other person alive. I know there are people out there who agree with me on this statement. I wish the world can find a way to treasure its precious jewels. If this isn’t possible, then there’s no way the world can ever grow as a whole. Thank you for taking your time and reading this.