Reducing The Weight of School Bags

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The long term, detrimental effects on our children, from carrying overweight schoolbags has been heavily highlighted by the media and healthcare professionals alike.  Doctors are facing increasing counts of children with severe back pain, stiff necks and shoulder aches.  We, as parents and guardians, need to act for the health and safety of our children to reduce the potential risk of serious health problems in the future. We must be the voice, for our young generation, to implore the government and educational institutes to take immediate  measures to reduce the weight of school bags.  Schools can address these  concerns through:

  • the provision of storage facilities
  • adherence to a structured timetable so that children only need to bring in the books for the lessons being taught that particular day

The government must recognise that the aged curriculum requires a much needed  review, with an objective, to diligently narrow down on the volume of textbooks/ resources required from the students, without compromising on quality of education.