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Make it illegal for garages to sell fuel for untaxed / un-MOT'd cars or uninsured drivers.

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Too many drivers and vehicles that should not be on the roads cause mayhem - are used in crime, fly-tipping, involved in accidents causing death or life-changing injuries, leading to increased insurance premiums for the rest of us and more. If newsagents and off-licenses can be prosecuted for selling cigarettes or alcohol to underage kids, why not petrol stations for selling fuel to illegal motorists or motorcyclists? ID is often needed to buy alcohol and cigarettes. With Automatic Number Plate Recognition everywhere and some pumps needing pre-payment it should not be too difficult to roll out and ensure that petrol pump users have to be validated before fuel is dispensed. There are of course, ways round these measures, like using false number plates and ID or petrol cans, but it could save lives and force insurers to reduce premiums. CCTV can be shared with police so offending vehicles and drivers get taken off the road - garages could install retractable bollards or "stinger"grilles in front of and behind fuelling bays to immobilise cars and vans (which would also also prevent fuel theft), until the police arrive to remove these vehicles if there was a will for it. Let's start something here and get the motoring organisations on board too.

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