We are fed up with the underpayment of people pursuing PhDs

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The goal of this petition is to demonstrate that the underpayment of people pursuing PhDs is a huge global problem.
And we are fed up!

It's important we clarify that there are lots of problems with PhD stipends, these differ between universities and countries. 
There is not a one size fit's all approach, if we truly want to create change we will need to come at it from different angles that best suit the specific system we are trying to tackle.

One thing we can all agree on is that there is a lot of room for improvement.

While this petition is only the first step it can be used as leverage when approaching institutions, funding bodies and governments to make our case by clearly demonstrating that as a community do not stand for people pursuing PhDs earning less than a decent liveable wage.

We are a strong global community, and we will no longer tolerate the underpayment of people pursuing PhDs.

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