Stop patriarchal system and women abuse. In honour of Winnie,im n support of the petition✊

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Women are seen as either Affirmative action or HDI, and are disregard when it comes to decision making. We are referred to as being emotional when taking decisions. I strongly disagree with this perception. Women in high positions are called names and their ability to lead is always doubted..

Women carry responsibilities that no man could understand. Mama Winnie has proven to the world what a strong leader she was and was quite capable.  She was a caring mother, not only to her children but to the whole world, she was a loyal and a loving wife to her husband. And she was a loyal and committed cadre to her movement and her people. It's a pity that we celebrate her life when she's gone.

Men are cowards, when confronted by the truth, they do not want to accept it when they are wrong. When confronted with issues, they become rebellious and work hard to discredit the work of women. It must be noted though that not all men are like this, we respect men who treat women with respect and  continue to support women to achieve their goals without looking at them as objects or seeing them as things to been taken to bed.

Let the death of mama Winnie make our brothers, men in strategic, powerful position realize that their actions hurts us. I believe I'm still a slave in my own country which is supposed to be free. I'm working twice as hard to prove my worth. If we are all equals before the eyes of the law, let 50/50 be applied and be visible across. Let patriarchy stop and it has to stop now in the name of Mama Winnie Nomzamo Madikizela Mandela.