Allow partners to stay with women on post natal wards after the birth of their baby

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I am due a C section in 3 weeks. My husband will only be allowed around an hour with his new born daughter before having to leave. He will not be allowed to see his daughter until we are discharged from hospital irrespective of how many days this is. Visiting to non-covid wards needs urgent review in order to protect the mental health and well being of people in hospital, including women who have just given birth. Fathers must also be given the right to spend time with their new born children. We are risking a steep rise in conditions such as post natal depression if women are not able to access maternity care in a normal way. Asymptomatic partners should be able to stay with women and their babies, they are able to distance from other women and visitors, they can observe strict hand washing, and follow any measure around PPE/infection control. Possibly even dependant on swabs for partners  - but let’s find a way to get maternity care feeling more normal.