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All UK venues to have the equivalent of 'Airport Security'

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As most know by now, at least 22 people lost their lives including children, due to a suicide bomber at an Ariana grande concert and leaving over 50 injured. The worst terrorist attack the UK has ever had in recent years. It was reported that there was a lack of security which included not checking bags, people etc, this is something so basic.

What I am pledging for may be seen as such a 'basic' yet 'pointless' request, why? The response now is, 'nowhere is safe', which is absolutely correct but let's not take away fear from enjoying ourselves.

I feel as though every venue should have compulsory searches as well as making the security more advanced such as airport type security permanently. It doesn't matter if it takes time,  If this means it creates more safety then I don't care if I have to get a pat down every time I go to a concert I want to feel safe and I think the majority can agree on that.

I am aware that checks like this are 'mostly' in place already however this bomb went off outside the security area, in the Foyer area close to the entrance of the arena. I think now it's crucial that there are now more security outside the arena and people should now be checked BEFORE even entering the arenas/venues, again this should be a permanent thing too. I understand this is difficult to think about, it will take a lot of thinking to sort this but something needs to happen. The terroist threat level is now set at 'critical', I think this is enough to take extreme action, and to hopefully prevent more losses.

Many will probably think of this as being weak and that this is trying to make the bad people who committed this atrocity look stronger, this is not true. We simply want to feel safe when we head out to something so exciting that we've been waiting for for months, no one should take this excitement away. 

Innocent children, and teens lost their lives from what should have been the most amazing night of their life. Parents who went to pick their kids up lost their lives, that should not have happened. I have no more way to plead because I think it's obvious how we all feel. If you agree there should be permanent advanced security please sign this petition. I've seen a lot of people say about this in the lass week, so I thought starting a petition would be a good idea so no hate please, I just want to try and make a change. Thank you and please share! 

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