Air Guns(Target Practice Toy Gun) Should Be Available Without Any Regulation.

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What is Air Gun (don't get confused with real fire gun)?

Air Guns are guns (Kind of toy which instead of plastic balls uses mettalic balls as bullets- and it is necessary since it is need of target practicing ) which works using compressed air. These are primarily used for target practising by the enthusiasts. These guns were traditionally and from time immemorial  available to Indians without any regulation. But according to Arms Rule, 2016 of Govt. of India it is mandatory for any person to obtain a license to have Air Guns which have calibre more than .22.

OK fine Govt. has laid down 'some' rules. I too think it is good step but do you know where and what the problem is ?

As I said earlier air guns were primarily used by the aspiring shooters. By the above govt. notification it has become quite hectic task for a common person to obtain a license (I have seen a national player struggling from two years to get a license for a air gun. So, do you think that it will be in reach of a 'General Enthusiast' ? Here do you know what do I mean from 'General Enthusiast' ?

A General Enthusiast

A general enthusiast is not general by his own lack of interest my friends. It is because of the circumstances, it is because he doesn't have the resources, it is because he doesn't have financial support, it is because this game doesn't have adequate have adequate support from govt. Even if have, it is too much costly that is around a monthly expenditure is around Rs. 20,000. How do expect a general enthusiast whose family income is 10,000 to dream about this ?

Expectation of Govt. and our general Indian mass

We expect maximum no. of people to reach in Olympics and various national international events and bring medals and laurels to the country. I ask are these expectations are really achievable by having so tough Rule e.g Arms Rule on Air Guns, with indadequate support from govt. ?

Game of Elite 

This Game due to the huge cost has become game of elite. Though some rays of hopes were there for the 'General Enthusiasts' however, this too has been curbed by the govt.

Govt. so-called genuine reasons

- They say those guns were used by terrorists for target practising. Oh please, terrorists run for fitness so from tommorrow we will have to obtain 'license' ? Else we will become terrorists, no ? And Terrorists use these weapons illegelly and not legally so that law can have effect on them. They are not going obtain license even if govt. makes rules or laws. Here the real sufferers are sports man and the persons given below in the list.


This is nothing but stupidity.

Real Sufferers

-Sports persons

-aspiring shooters

-haha the so-called 'General Enthusiasts'.

So, because of all the above reasons I urge all the masses to support my petition. Remember your support can enlighten the darkened roads of millions of aspirants and the 'General Enthusiasts'.

Thank You

Abhisek Kr. Gupta ©





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