October 7, 2019
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Why this petition matters

Started by Jamie Languban

Hazing. A word that is very alarming at the moment. But what hazing is exactly means and purpose? Is it most about just joining fraternities and having a brotherhood and sisterhood? Or is there more going on?

Hazing is humiliating and sometimes dangerous ,especially as imposed on college seeking membership to a fraternity or sorority. The ugly face of hazing is coming once again starting at us. A person to endure some physical or mental abuse, humiliation or harassment as a condition of gaining membership or acceptance into group and it affects thousand of people every year, its really dangerous, it can neither be a life or death situation.

I oppose the idea of hazing, it should be stop! Hazing causes people to die because of extreme injuries. 

Many students are still attracted in joining brotherhoods and sisterhoods despite the allegations of hazing throughout the years. Hazing should not be requirement to enter this so called second family or brotherhood and sisterhood. Do families hurt each other to death? No ofcourse! But it has been going for years again and again, and sadly countless deaths occurs.

And sadly, that there is fresh case occur about hazing.

Darwin Dormitorio, the Philippine Military Academy (PMA) cadet who died in campus early this week after being found unconscious on a classroom floor, has been identified as a victim of hazing, the Baguio City police announced.
Darwin Dormitorio was hospitalized three times before dying from hazing injuries on Sept. 18.
Authorities believe the freshman was hazed after discovering bruises on his stomach. It appears that his body was mauled which caused his death and there was forced inflicted on him as if he were punched and kicked.

This MUST stop for such thing! This is against the law and humanity. Are we going to let this continue? Would you let someone get involved again with this dangerous practices? 

So if you support our petition about preventing Hazing towards Fraternities and Sororities you will not just help yourself if you get involved with this but you can also help to others, and for us to have a greater and better socialization.
This petition aims to save the victims, rehabilitate the fraternities and put a stop to hazing. We need to put some actions to save the innocent people from the mental or physical discomfort, embarrassment, harassment. Help us lessen the crime and help the victims of hazing and the members of fraternity to redirect their steps and change their perceptions in their lives. 

Our group have suggestions. The challenge is for fraternities and other associations to think of more innovative, safer and productive ways of conducting their initiation. Here are some suggestions:

 All new recruits will be brought to a barangay and they will be tasked to develop a program to help maintain the cleanliness of the community. They will then help the barangay in educating the community about this program while each of them will be assigned to collect at least 50 kilos of plastic waste. The collected waste may be sold to junk shops and the money earned can then be used by the fraternity or association to fund their programs.

And if you have any questions about our project, feel free to contact us at

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Signatures: 18Next Goal: 25
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