Raise the funding for Indigenous education in northern communities

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As everyone knows, Indigenous students in the Northern communities have lack of funding for their schooling than the rest of Ontario's students have. I would like to make the change to this. 

By getting the government's attention and showing them what indigenous students say about their schools that they went to. I made a video by interviewing attending and graduated Indigenous student by asking the positive and negative effects that their school had. I hope this video shows that there is a problem with the funding and how indigenous students are affected. 

Even simple things like sports, school clubs, libraries, gyms, science labs or learning high level of education could make your high school experience even more rememberable. Most Indigenous students may never have that experience because of funding. 

The government needs to open their eyes to the fact that Indigenous students also need to experience what other Ontario students experience, it is unfair. We should try to make this change.