Abolish VAT on household fuel

Abolish VAT on household fuel

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Started by Angela Doolan

Rising costs on domestic fuel is causing extreme stress and worry for people but especially those on low household incomes.

The cost of keeping warm should not be a toss up between basic human needs like eating or switching on the fire or radiators. This is a crisis in which is already biting into peoples budgets, especially for people who are already on the poverty line and are now facing additional worries of the rapid rising cost of living. 

Winter fuel payments do not go far enough in alleviating the problems of heating the home and are not available to everyone. 

Fuel poverty has been an issue for some time now and the astronomical rising costs are adding to this poverty crisis.

We call upon the Government to scrap the VAT on domestic fuel to alleviate some of the burden its citizens are facing, especially over the  Winter Months.

Along with the forthcoming issue in the ending of the current energy price cap and coupled with the astronomical rising cost of keeping warm and rising costs in general, many people, are and will face unprecedented financial hardship in which will impact on health and well-being.

VAT on keeping warm is an obscene and unfair tax that hits the poorest pockets in our society. 

It should be abolished!







926 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!