A review into the Government Leadership

A review into the Government Leadership

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Started by Cerys Mair

As many of us sit back and watch the unfolding news of the secret party which occurred last Christmas within parliament, recalling it ‘was not socially distanced’ and it was filled ‘with cheese and wine’ just four days before Christmas, I have decided that myself along with thousands of others need change. Whilst London was in the highest tier, advising us to stay at home, only leaving  for essential necessities and most importantly not being able to see our beloved family and friends, the UK Government were partying and within each other’s ‘bubbles’. 

As it stands 146 thousand people have lost their lives due to the coronavirus, many of those alone and in disparity leaving us as their family grieved and angered. We could not risk seeing them, due to the consequences, and a phone call was just not enough to fill the gap. Myself as I’m sure many of you have lost a loved one; I lost my nan in March 2021 and she was one of the many who was alone and lonely, without a support network. Funerals were a maximum of 10-15 people, with masks being worn at all times and the total duration being no more than 30 minutes…

So why do the UK Governments think it is acceptable and an example to us that they can party and gather around creating Christmas spirit, whilst the rest of the country was locked away? 

This has angered the nation and after the year we have all had, we need answers. We need a combat to this, we don’t want to see lies anymore. Videos that are circling social media are causing distress, anger and frustration as to why was there a party in the parliament? What makes the prime minister immune to this virus? 
Our suffering will last forever from the people we have lost, however the parliament and former spokesperson happily announces that ‘it was not socially distanced’- the same day 619 people died from covid. I have created this petition for change, we are all in this together and we need answers, the answers we deserve. 

47 have signed. Let’s get to 50!