A country where girls do not have to live in fear

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Those who treat women's like an animals should be punished with death that death should be worse than animals death.

Not only Dr. Priyanka, in this country there is sexual harassment with some women every day.  Dr. Priyanka must get justice.  Those rapist must be punished so that they can not do such disgusting behavior with any women. 

Government and Law must take concrete steps to save the remaining daughters of this country.

There is a need to change the law of our country.  The law of our country is flexible, the aim of making the law flexible was that there should be not injustice to anyone but  the law should not be flexible for those who commit abusive act like rape of women.  They have no right to live, who take their lives and respect from women.

How long will a women and her family live in fear, now something has to be done so that rapist are afraid to take a bad look to any women. We women have every rights to do job, to study, to get out of the house and most importantly to live and this is possible only when the monsters like rapist get the death penalty or worse and the dreadful punishment which will make their soul tremble by thinking.  

If government and law cannot bring justice to a women then hand over these monsters to ordinary people.  We women just want to live a simple and peaceful life and we deserve it.