Justice For Rape Victims and Very Cruel Punishments For The Rapists

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As we all know that rapes,murders have increased in our nation due to lazy and orthodox system of judiciary and the rapist get away with that due to high contacts. thus inspiring many people to get involved in that cruel activity without any fear... I only wanna see fear in a man's eye who wants to commit this crime thus hereby demanding such a strict punishment that every man must think 10000 times before even thinking of committing a crime such as rapes,molestations or kidnapping .. I want woman to be respected and be given the proper love and nourishment helping them to flourish... I want that all woman to get out of the fear of these evil practices and an atmosphere where all woman can move freely at anytime at any place... If you also want this kind of environment then plz sign this petition so that we can make it big and enforcing the government to take strict action plz help!! It's for a noble cause god will smile at u!!