Protect the Children-Change Sex Crime Reporting Policy

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Jehovah's Witnesses consider child rape and molestation a sin, not a crime and become a part of the crime by not reporting it to authorities. Thus JW Elder rapists and child molesters go unpunished and maintain their good standing in JW congregations. Children are NOT protected, they continue to be raped and molested. These policies MUST be changed to save the lives of JW children.

The Governing Body ("GB") is a group of men who make up a multitude of rules and procedures that all Jehovah’s Witnesses must follow to the letter. These rules and procedures are recorded in publications like the Watchtower. Infractions of these rules results in a Judicial Committee of Elders who sit in judgment of the accused. The GB have written a set of ultra secret guidelines which Elders only are allowed to possess. Only men are allowed to make copies if additional copies are needed. Women are not allowed to see or touch this book call “Shepherd the Sheep.” Women are not allowed any input into any governmental decisions.

It might be noted here that although all JW's are reminded constantly to obey the Governing Body, the Feb 20, 2017 Watchtower states, "They are neither inspired nor infallible," so in effect JWs are commanded to obey these men rather than God who is divine and perfect.

1. Judicial Committees.  A Judicial Committee is made of 3 Elders who are advised of accusations and evidence gathered by an Evidence Gathering Committee, and may be the same Elders on both committees. At a Judicial Hearing, the accused are not given the rules or procedures by which the proceedings against them will be conducted. They are not given a copy of the rule book. The accused are not allowed to have an advocate speak for them or on their behalf, even if they are very young children. Evidence of their crimes is not presented during the hearing, it is gathered ahead of time by an Investigative Committee and the Judges use the evidence they have collected to judge the accused. The Judicial Committee is not a fact finding committee. They sit in judgment with unwritten testimony of persons not at the hearing. Nothing is written down in accusation, nothing is written down as testimony, nothing is recorded in the proceeding. The accused is made to sit and answer for their supposed crimes without presenting any evidence in their favor or witnesses in their favor. These are a primitive, barbaric and unfair procedures and do not bring the truth or justice to judgmental decisions. These committees have been destroying the physical and psychological lives of Jehovah’s Witnesses for 100 years.

2.  Travesty of Human Rights-The Great Cover Up.  For decades, the Governing Body of Jehovah's Witness has had a policy which hides sex crimes committed by its members, in particular by Elders or others in positions of authority. The policy claims that "Reporting rape, incest and child molestation by its members to the authorities, creating a public record to the world, would bring dishonor and shame on God's name Jehovah."  Who is it that brings shame on Jehovah when a crime is committed against a child, male or female?  It is the perpetrator, not the victim! For decades now, Jehovah's Witness authorities have made the victim of sex crimes bear the lifetime of pain, hardship, guilt and agony, silently bearing the shame alone, instead of laying the blame on the person who committed the crime, in many instances Elders, the very figures of authority who have been placed in their positions to “shepherd the sheep” and “care for the flock.” Persons who put their trust and faith in Elders do so willingly and from their hearts. It is a travesty and double betrayal to abuse meek ones or very innocent young ones who willingly put their well being in the hands of Elders. The Elders, in these barbaric proceedings, take the trust of the innocent and trample it in the dirt. They do not write up the proceedings and do not record them, in order to not take responsibility for them and and so they can cover up the sex crimes of Elders and men in the congregation. It is unbelievably evil. This has been the usual turn of event for 100 years of the Watchtower and JWs.

2.      Double Victimization.  If the victim reports their sexual abuse to Elders, the victim, even though they may be under 18, has no advocate, and no support when they are required to appear in a small locked room alone with 3 men on a Judicial Committee, whom they may or may not know, to face their perpetrator face to face. The victim is made to state the crimes against them directly to the adult who abused them, touched them, raped them. This creates a lifetime psychological burden and trauma which is never forgotten.

3.      The Two Witness Rule.  The policies and procedures of Jehovah's Witness are that two witnesses are required to prove a sin has been committed. There is 0% possibility that a rapist of child molestor is going to commit their crimes in front of two witnesses, so for decades, Jehovah's Witnesses have refused to make rapists and child molestors pay for their crimes. Sex criminals are allowed to remain in full favor of the congregations with continued opportunities to repeat rape, incest and child molestation.

4.      JW’s Refuse to Report Sex Crimes to the Authorities.  The Governing Body instructs Elders to cover up sex crimes unless it is required by law to report them to the authorities. They claim ecclesiastical privilege in order to cover up for their fellow good old boys.  These men protect each other and hide the crimes. They intimidate and instruct parents and members of the congregations to keep silent and not report sex crimes to the authorities. The governments of various nations have had to take legislative action to force persons to whom sex crimes are made known to report them.

5.      The Governing Body and Elders Have Brought International Shame Upon Jehovah’s Witnesses. These practices incite disgust among all people who hear of them.  Jehovah’s Witnesses claim in their literature they protect children but they do not. [ They also state this in their meetings. This is an absolute lie.  The Governing Body and Elders have proven themselves over and over to lie on this subject and stand behind the policy which protects child abusers, NOT the children. They bring shame on Jehovah’s name that stinks to the highest and farthest star in the universe.  They are the disgusting thing among nations.

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