Governing Body Fails Pharmacy Students. Can You Help Bring Them Justice?

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Pharmacists are a key success factor in a functioning society. Healthcare is pivotal to human existence. 

Pharmacy students are being let down and set up to fail by examination governing bodies. Students spend typically 5 intense years of studying and end up in masses of debt to pursue a fulfilling career in pharmacy to help meet societies needs.

The General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC) creates a framework for pre-registration pharmacy students to learn, and to form the basis of the final examination in order to qualify as a pharmacist.

Thousands of pharmacy students across the country sat their final pharmacy exam, the pre-registration assessment, in June 2018. There has been great uproar post examination due to the GPhC setting exam papers that were not suited for aspiring pharmacists.

Some of the issues include: not testing on all areas of the framework and including new unexpected areas which are not part of the framework, the examination being completely different to recent mock/ past papers, unnecessarily complex and wordy questions and not providing sufficient time to answer the questions.

This is very similar to previous complaints made to governing bodies in 2017. In 2017, as a result of the truth behind the uproar, the British Pharmaceutical Students Association (BPSA) received over 500 complaints which compelled the GPhC to lower grade boundaries.

Pharmacy students only have three attempts to pass the pre-registration assessment. For many students, the June 2018 paper was the final opportunity to qualify as a pharmacist.

Disappointingly, the GPhC have not changed their ways since last years’ complaints and as a result can ruin the lives of many. I implore you to stand with us and take action by spreading awareness, complaining to the governing body BPSA on (for a complaints template contact, and sign this petition. We have the opportunity to make a stand by 16th July 2018. Thereafter, the BPSA and GPhC will not consider any additional feedback.

Can you imagine a world with a lack of pharmacists? Bring justice to these hard working students. Allow them to fulfil their purpose and serve society.