Bring back our ACAA Teachers

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Mr. Jim Schuerkamp, Mr. Christopher Lalley and Ms. Ceyanna Trehern, Educators/administration at Arizona Conservatory for Art and Academics, have lost their jobs this school year.  Many parents and students strongly agree that they should be reinstated as educators with ACAA.  All three have been great advocates and mentors to the students.  They have also kept necessary transparency and dialog with parents.

Some Concerns:

  •  As parents we have close to zero communication from the current Principal, Holly Foged.  Emails and phone calls are rarely responded to.
  • Its apparent that the parents and students have great communication with the VP Jim Schuerkamp, unfortunately he and many other teaches had no support from above.
  • It appears the front receptionist is constantly making managerial decisions that should be coming from the Principal.
  • As much as ACAA is a tight-nit community, it’s rare to see the Principal at any events. 
  • It is very frustrating to parents and staff knowing the Principal is unapproachable and is constantly avoiding issues and concerns.

We ALL will stand up for these educators as they have stood up for our students. Please sign this petition to save their jobs and reputations as quality educators and ensure they are offered a reinstatement.