Help low income families during COVID-19 school closures

Help low income families during COVID-19 school closures

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Megan Yarnell
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Hello to all my Pennsylvania residents. This last week, many of us have been informed of our local school districts plans on the 2020-2021 school year. Many school districts across the state of Pennsylvania have chosen to close schools for the beginning portions of the school year. These choices were not easy for the school boards and I think it’s clear we as Pennsylvanians have been very adamant on keeping safety our number one concern for our communities, especially in the school systems. 

My name is Megan Yarnell. I am a single mom of two girls (11 & 5), who reside in North Penn School District. Tonight, July 30th 2020, North Penn, like many other commonwealth districts, chose that the safest option for our children and staff, was to remain virtual until November 6th 2020. Myself, like many low income families, were crushed by this news. You see, many low income families rely on school and childcare to work, including programs like ELRC (subsidized childcare). These programs help lower costs of summer camp, before and after school for school aged children, and daycare programs for low income households. I was made aware earlier this week that the state of Pennsylvania will not be covering full time childcare subsidy after September 1st, and will automatically switch to part time for school age children. With schools being virtual, this leaves many struggling parents at a loss. We can’t leave our young kids at home alone, we can’t afford a baby sitter, and we can’t leave our jobs. This will not only affect people living in North Penn School District, but dozens of districts across the Commonwealth. This decision by the state to not cover this essential funding is recklessly endangering the welfare of many children. We will lose our jobs, our homes, and we will inevitably suffer. We need to put into place better societal programs to help those in need, especially during an unprecedented crisis.

Please join my fight to call out to our state government to overturn this decision. We need to look out for those who were already struggling before this pandemic. Contact your local representatives, talk to your friends, and sign this petition if you feel as if this is an injustice to families across our state.