Hazard pay for essential workers during COVID-19 pandemic

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Dear Governer Tom Wolf,

     These employees who are being asked to work during this time because they are deemed essential need to be paid more due to the hazard that is COVID-19. These people are going to work everyday with the risk of putting their lives and their families lives in danger to keep the essential businesses and country running.

I can't speak for everyone but I am sure these people who are still working are grateful to be doing so because alot of people have been laid off or had to quit because of certain situations. With the closing of schools alot of people have to be home with their children leaving some homes with one source of income. The hazard pay that they could get would provide these families with some comfort and stability during these trying times.

I know some are working extra hours and overtime not only to make up for the loss of income but to keep these essential businesses open. Some are being made to work overtime by no choice of their own but because of others who have made the choice to quarantine and not take the chance of getting ill. These employees who are still working because they are deemed essential deserve to be paid more for the risk they are taking to put food on the table and a roof over their families heads. 

Thank you.