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Force the District Attorney to deny plea agreement for repeat violent offender

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To:          The Citizens of Cumberland and Franklin Counties Pennsylvania

From:   Anonymous Concerned Citizen


Re:         Christopher Alan Neil Sr

                Chris A. Neil

                Chris Neil

                Chris Alan Neil

                Christopher A Neil

To Whom It May Concern:

                I would like to bring to the attention of the community the extensive historically violent criminal record of Christopher Alan Neil. His criminal history dates back to 1991 when he was charged with 2 (two) counts of simple assault and after a failure to appear and a bench warrant being issued the cases were NollePros due to a statute of limitations expiration. Since the year of 1991 Mr Neil has been charged with 5 Aggravated Assaults, 8 Simple Assaults, at least 1 Stalking, 1 Fire arm violation, multitudes of parole violations, and a couple of Burglary charges. Alongside of criminal mischief, resisting arrest, endangerment of children, several DUI’s, and multiple driving on revoked charges. I spoke with the Cumberland County District Attorney’s office and inquired as to why Chris Neil is still free to victimize as he sees fit. They explained that they could not discuss cases with anyone but did explain why they continue to allow plea agreements to be entered with Chris Neil. Their explanation was that the DA’s office tries to get justice for the victim by monetary retribution. However, it has been proven since 1993 that Chris Neil has no intention of ever paying his fines. Mr. Neil currently has at least 5 cases with open fines dating back to 1993. Therefore, the idea of monetary retribution for victims is not working. In the meantime, Chris Neil is free to drive any one of his 3 motorcycles bought by and registered to his wife and his pickup truck also registered to his wife, continually violate his parole or probation by committing new crimes, failing to comply with several court orders owing fines in the several thousands, and continues to violently victimize other members of our community.

It has come to my attention that Chris Neil is once again involved in, not only one but two, acts of unlawful violence. Among many other unlawful activities that he as engaged in that he has not been charged with over the course of the last 2 years. Including today 5/17/17 removing washer, dryer, and freezer from the home of his father in law without permission. The Shippensburg Police were notified but refused to do anything because Neil is married to the daughter of the victim. This holds no bearing as Neil does not officially reside in the residence and therefore has no rights to anything that is in the home without permission from the individual named on the lease. Shippensburg Police department, headed by Chief Scott, consistently refuses to engage Chris Neil. They will give every excuse they can come up with. So, please don’t listen to the excuses, check into the law of what they are supposed to be doing when a law is broken.

I would like to bring it to the attention of the media that Mr. Neil’s current case on Docket #  MJ-09301-CR-0000170-2017 for Simple Assault and harassment is due to be heard in June 2017. It is my strong suspicion that he will once again receive a plea agreement (which he should not) Due to his extensive history of violence, parole violations, and failure to pay set fines Neil should be locked up for the maximum sentence on both charges including violation of parole (which, by the way, the parole officer hasn’t even filed for violation since his 3 recent charges. The Shippensburg female officer has spoken with Parole and Probation to request VOP) Mr. Neil also has a case in Indiana County, PA for Harassment - Subject Other to Physical Contact the Summary Trial on 5/16/2017 on Docket #  MJ-40303-NT-0000070-2017 was found Guilty because Neil did not show, but only received a fine. I notified the court of his extremely lengthy violent history and the court apparently didn’t care. He did not show to court because he was busy threatening the life of his wife.

It has further come to my attention that the charges brought against Mr. Neil do not reflect the actual wrong doing. For instance, the current simple assault charge, from what I know Mr. Neil physically assaulted a black man and this man had to be taken to the hospital, as well as, the fact that this assault was racially motivated.

Mr. Neil has shown complete disregard for the law, for the orders of the court, for the probation department, and for the safety of other citizens. As a member of this community, I deserve to be free of any and all threats, yet my family and I have been repeated victims of Chris Neil. Police have been involved but they will not arrest or charge Mr. Neil, claiming there is not enough evidence. Yet did little to know work investigating the matters. When the State Police were notified of Neil’s involvement in a burglary and theft as well as slashing tires, they tried to investigate but received no cooperation from the Shippensburg Police Department. It feels as if there is something being covered up. Is Neil an informant? Does he hold some kind of knowledge on the police or the Mayor? Can’t complain to the Mayor because he’s in good with Chief Scott.

 Mr. Neil is still in possession of a fire arm, drives intoxicated, violates probation, commits acts of violence, and has now began a journey with a biker club called “No Surrender. Mr. Neil no longer resides in Newville. He has a place of residence in Indiana County Pa and stays weekends in Shippensburg on W Burd St.

I understand that in a court of law and that there is a process but it truly feels as if the system is failing this community and the family children by allowing an extremely violent individual to continue to walk free and violate court orders as he wishes.

                The simple fact that I am writing this puts me and those involved with the family at risk for harm. Simple investigation into the information I have provided and pushing on his wife will get you all the proof you need. Neil has gotten away with multiple counts of assault simple and aggravated, including holding victims hostage and firing a weapon at police. However, his criminal record does not include charges that would coincide with these acts. This is funny to me. His many acts of terror, including a breaking and entering and theft of thousands of dollars of possessions that included a veteran’s military gear, go unchecked and he continues to walk free to do as he pleases.

                The District attorneys continue to allow plea agreements, the police fail to investigate and charge, and Neil continues to victimize anyone he can. I think this is worth a look into. I will likely be putting together a petition for the community to sign. We need to force those in charge of upholding the law to do their job of protecting the community as a whole, rather than turning a blind eye. When the Chief of Shippensburg Police tell me, “Chris Neil is not the kind of person you want as an enemy” and “If Chris Neil comes at me I’m shooting” This tells me that this man is an absolute danger to this community or any community he visits. What is the problem here? Is there something we don’t know?

This can all be looked at on the public site for his criminal history Search “Chris Neil” anything that has the year of birth 1968 with the alias’ listed above is him. Search both Magisterial District Courts and Common Pleas. You can check his fines at

We need to hold people accountable and get our streets and our citizens safe.

This letter was written in haste. Please forgive me if it bounces around.

I thank you for your time.


A Concerned Citizen

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