VETO Unconstitutional Florida Amendment 13

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Mr. DeSantis, it is time to right the wrong.  FRAUD was committed by animal activists and Florida Politicians in the lies, misinformation, and defamation that took place in front of the Florida Constitutional Revision Committee to place Amendment 13 on the ballot.  The people of Florida were duped.  Politicians which were supposed to listen to citizens input on the CRC instead lied to push their personal agenda.  Senator Tom Lee LIED to the CRC, as well as Attorney General Pam Bondi.  We have proof, and if these two need to be forced to admit it in a Federal Court, we are prepared to take it that far.  You as Governor Elect of the great State of Florida, can save the State Millions from the payout of the Bert Harris act as well as the Federal Suit which may be filed and the Secretary of State will have to defend.  Amendment 13 is clearly unconstitutional and was put on the ballot by nefarious means.  This amendment not only affects a LEGAL industry in Florida, but Worldwide as well.  We urge you to take the prudent and correct action by vetoing this Amendment to save the State taxpayers from having to pay for it's ill effects.