Petition Closed

Stanley has been taken in to state custody after the mother failed to maintain a home and take care of our two boys. Although there is little chance of me getting the oldest one I will still fight for Stanley who is biologically mine. I have a three bedroom home in a great safe neighbourhood with a school within five minute walking distance. I was forcefully taken out of my home in Tunnel Hill, GA for living there illegally. Now that I am fully established and respected in the community DFCS of GA refuses to return my son back to his rightful nation of birth, and to his loving father. If the USA does not want a functional resident than fine. But give me my kids too!

Letter to
Governer of Georgia, Nathan Deal
Let my son come home to Canada. I have more than enough abundance to support ten children. YOUR state and YOUR state officials and YOUR state laws that have torn and ripped apart a family. I want my son back. He is Canadian and never will be American, despite of his mothers country of birth. He holds a Canadian birth certificate. Prove your a conservative and protect the unity of the family. Let my baby come home to a good Godly man raise his son in a Christian home. You are a baptist after all, aren't you?

God Bless You and the state of GA