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The petitions calls for immediate resignation of Commissioner of Police Delhi, Joint Comissioner of Police Law and Order, Deputy Commissioner of Police concerned, concerned Additional Commissioner of Police, concerned SHOs, and culprit police personnels in wake of brutal attack including firing and lathi charge inside Tis Hazari Court Compound, Delhi earlier today.  In a brazen misadventure a battalion of police forces charge inside a court complex to brutally attack unarmed professionals. The service of police personnel's  involved  in the incidents must be terminated with immediate effect (including Additional Commissioner of Police (North District) Harinder Kumar, Station House Officers (SHOs) of Kotwali and Civil Lines, and the operator of Deputy Commissioner of Police (North and others involved).

Four rounds of bullets are alleged to fire inside the court complex and 100s of police personnel lathi charged on advocates, damaged chambers and vehicles parked even after the ensuing matter was over. The  advocates were siting on a peaceful protest at the gate of the court premises, alleging that police personnel had opened fire and demanding action against those responsible.

There would be no greater shame for the administration in which unjustified and atrocious actions is taken against the legal fraternity that too in the court complex, to the extent of opening firing inside the court compound on the advocates, it shows the either completely failure of the police system or administration which issued such orders. In a nations where  its soul resides in Constitution,  it would become harder for common man to seek justice when its advocates are mistreated to the extend of creating an environment of fear and terror by police itself inside the court complex. Immediate action is against the police officials in charge is minimum remedy to show concern and empathy for a just system.